If there is a better insurance policy for you, I'll find it!

I proudly offer the following types of business insurance: Business Owners, General Liability, Workers Compensation, Property, Commercial Auto, Business Interruption, Errors and Omissions, and much, much more!  Every year, my team and I will review your policies to make sure you have the VERY BEST insurance coverage you require.  By conducting this Annual Review, you'll always know if there are better options for you and your business protection.  Then, we can seamlessly make the changes you need.  No hassles. No surprises. Just the BEST insurance coverage for your specific business needs.
Types of businesses helped by our quality service include
Apartment Buildings
Appliance Sales and Service
Auto Body Repair
Bars and Nightclubs
Beauty Salons
Book Stores
Car Washes
Child Care Centers
Dominos Pizza
Donut Shops
Fast Food Restaurants
Fitness Centers
Flower Shops
Funeral Homes
Horse and Buggies
Gas Stations
Hotels and Motels
Law Offices
Liquor Stores
Medical/Dental Offices
Nail Salons
Optical Shops
Papa Johns Pizza
Pest Control
Plumbers/HVAC Contractors
Property Managers
Real Estate
Shoe Stores
Special Events
Sports Companies
Tattoo parlors
And Many More...
LIABILITY INSURANCE covers your exposure for injury occurring on your premises or as a result of your business operation.
PROPERTY INSURANCE covers the possible loss of property from a multitude of causes such as fire, water, collapse, and vandalism.
BUSINESS INTERRUPTION INSURANCE can cover loss of business due to a covered cause of loss causing your business to cease operation while repairing damages.
WORKERS COMPENSATION INSURANCE covers employees for loss of income and medical expenses resulting from on the job injuries.
DISABILIT INSURANCE covers employees for loss of income due to disability.
ERRORS AND OMISSION INSURANCE protects against losses resulting from acts, error or omissions in their performance of professional services
EMPLOYEE PRACTICES INSURANCE covers against claims involving hiring practices.
Show me your current insurance policy, and I will shop it to obtain the best coverage at the most affordable rates!
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