Andrew Rosner

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Andrew Rosner, Attorney at Law

With more than 35 years of experience, Andrew Rosner is a seasoned trial attorney and counselor with a reputation for delivering results for his clients. These results are measured in the amount of money won in numerous substantial settlements and verdicts, as well as in the amount of money saved with good advice and asset protection planning. Long Island Trial Lawyer has offices in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, has won money for clients in New York City, Long Island, ,and upstate, and has tried cases throughout the state.

Andrew Rosner is proud that his efforts contribute not only to clients’ health, wealth and happiness, but also to advancement of consumer and patient safety, and improvement of the quality of medical care in our society.

The firm philosophy is to offer every client what he or she needs in the form of care, advice, planning, and services, delivered with individualized attention, concern, and compassion.

Elder law, tax, financial, estate, business, matrimonial, debt, Medicaid, special needs, insurance, and bankruptcy planning can protect assets and save money.
When litigation is indicated, we litigate aggressively to protect our clients’ rights, win money, and justice.

In addition, Andrew Rosner is an Independent Insurance Broker,  He acts as a fiduciary, always looking out for your best interests. With 35 years of legal experience, Andrew Rosner has an extensive  knowledge of the law across many legal fields. He brings legal knowledge to the table when he sits down with you to help you with your insurance. An insurance background promotes always thinking to reduce client's risks and produce client's assets, and property.
Long Island Attorney Andrew Rosner can help you with the following:
Estate Planning
Elder Law
Medicaid Asset Protection Trusts
Medicaid planning
Estate Administration
Medical Malpractice
Drug Product Liability
Defective Medical Devices
Products Liability
Business Law
Real Estate
Criminal Law
Traffic Tickets
Andrew Rosner offers a free consultation.  In addition, Andrew Rosner offers a free comprehensive legal and insurance review, in which he will review your legal documents, insurance policies, lawsuits and claims.
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