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The Mission of Long Island Elder Law, Estate Planning, Asset Protection, Trial Lawyer Andrew Rosner

The firm philosophy is to offer every client what he or she needs in the form of care, advice, planning, and services, delivered with individualized attention, concern, and compassion.

I am a Long Island Elder Law, Estate Planning, Asset Protection Attorney and a Trial Lawyer. I help seniors, individuals, and businesses protect their assets from creditors, predators, probate, guardianship, legal proceedings, lawsuits, and the high cost of nursing home care. I also represent people injured due to the negligence of others, from car accidents, falls, construction accidents, medical malpractice, nursing home negligence, products liability, talc, roundup, hernia mesh, defective medical devices and drugs, etc. I help seniors maximize their benefits and minimize their costs with Medicaid and Medicare. I help clients save money through planning and win money through lawsuits.

I started my law practice in 1980 to help bring safety to communities and justice to families. By making wrongdoers, polluters, and those indifferent to the harm they cause pay for the harm they cause, we are helping make our communities safer and better places to live. By helping seniors, the disabled, and the disenfranchised win all the benefits and compensation they are entitled to, we are improving their lives as well as the lives of all of us.
"I would recommend Andrew Rosner to a person in need of a lawyer."
Jill B.
“Over the years I have referred family members and personal friends to  Mr. Rosner for legal representation,  all of whom have expressed nothing but the utmost satisfaction in their dealings and experiences with Mr. Rosner…Andrew Rosner has among the highest personal and professional standards of any person I have ever met…his genuine concern for, dedication to, and zealous representation of his clients is greater than that of any attorney I have ever personally known. I personally know Mr. Rosner to be a truly good man who has spent his life and career as an attorney dedicated to always doing what is right for and by other people."
Mary D.
"Mr. Rosner has consistently been an excellent representative to my family and myself. I have recommended him to several friends who were always thankful to have made his acquaintance. If ever need be I wouldn't hesitate to hire him again."
Thomas M
“I have known Andrew Rosner for 36 years… Andrew Rosner is extremely bright, hard working, and capable... Andrew Rosner has an excellent knowledge of a wide range of medical issues, and a firm grasp of medical malpractice law... when Andrew Rosner appears in court to cross examine a medical expert, he knows the medicine applicable to the case well enough to recognize when the expert is being less than candid.  He is an effective cross examiner of doctors, because he has been willing to work as hard as necessary to learn what he needs to know… I have at all times found Mr. Rosner to be credible, trustworthy, reliable, and professional. I know many professionals, including doctors and lawyers, and there is no one I trust more than Mr. Rosner.”
Dr. Alan.G
“Andrew Rosner has always been a hard working, diligent advocate…(and) has an excellent knowledge of medicine.  He possesses expertise in medical malpractice that only a few, rare lawyers, possess.  I have found Mr. Rosner to always be reliable, trustworthy, honest, and a credit to his profession. I trusted Mr. Rosner to be handle a legal matter of mine and would do so again.”
Dr. Michael.G
“I have known Andrew Rosner for more than twenty-five (25) years, as a fellow practitioner…I can state without any qualification that Mr. Rosner is an honest person and possessed of excellent reputation for integrity, hard work, and dedication to his clients' needs.”
Leland B Esq
“Mr. Rosner consistently demonstrated professionalism, competence, and integrity.” 
Michael. D. Esq
“Mr. Rosner is an exceptionally capable, forthright and compassionate individual who will always place the needs of his client’s above his own.”
Steven D. Esq

“Andrew Rosner is an honest, trustworthy, reliable, hard working person who cares very deeply about…his clients”.
William. R. Esq
“I felt comfortable and confident with Mr. Rosner representing me…Mr. Rosner was always available to talk to me about my case”.
Kalaish G
“I know many professionals, including doctors and lawyers, and there is no one I trust more than Mr. Rosner”.
Dr. Alan.G

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Andrew Rosner is an Independent Insurance Broker and an Attorney at Law

In addition to being an independent insurance broker, Andrew Rosner is also an Attorney at Law. He acts as a fiduciary, always looking out for your best interests. With 38 years of legal experience, Andrew Rosner has an extensive  knowledge of the law across many legal fields. He brings legal knowledge to the table when he sits down with you to help you with your insurance. In addition, Andrew Rosner practices law.  He can help you with the following:
Estate Planning
Elder Law
Medicaid asset protection trusts
Medicaid planning
Estate Administration
Medical malpractice
Drug product liability
Defective Medical Devices
Products Liability
Personal Injury Law
Business Law
Real Estate
Criminal Law
Traffic Tickets
Andrew Rosner offers a free consultation.  In addition, Andrew Rosner offers a free comprehensive legal and insurance review, in which he will review your legal documents, insurance policies, lawsuits and claims.
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Fighting to raise money for Stonybrook Children's Hospital with pinktie.org and 3 time world champion Iran Barkley

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Andrew Rosner is the grandfather of  pinktie.org, a charitable organization that has raised millions of dollars to help fight cancer and disease. In 2018 we raised $500,000 for Stonybrook Children's Hospital at our annual event.


Maximizing Benefits and Reducing Costs for all Your Insurance Needs.
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Andrew Rosner is dedicated to helping the Senior Marketplace.  With the aging of America, the Baby Boomer's are looking for assistance with their Elder Law, Health Insurance and Financial needs.  I take great pride in being that unbiased resource to accomplish their individualized needs.

One of the major concerns a person has when they do retire or turn 65 is how to cover or cap their medical costs which can be catastrophic.  That is exactly what Andrew Rosner will accomplish for you by finding the most comprehensive, suitable yet affordable plan tailored for you.

Another major concern is how to pay for the high cost of nursing home care. Government studies show that a 65 year old person has a 70% chance of needing long term care.  Long Term care can cost $10,000-$15,000 per month, and may be needed for years.  Without proper planning, that expense could be enough to impoverish almost anyone. Andrew Rosner has the asset protection strategies to protect you!

It is important to learn about the benefits you may be entitled to for your healthcare. Whether you are on Medicare or newly eligible to Medicare there are various options to choose from and each has specific features and benefits.

Do you know the difference between?
  • Medicare Supplements
  • Medicare Advantage Part C plans
  • Prescription Part D plans

With hundreds of choices, this can be a very complex process for an individual to handle.

Andrew Rosner is YOUR SOLUTION!

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